Bahamas Checkout

If you are looking to fly to the Bahamas, North Star Flight Academy can accommodate you with a Bahamas checkout. You will learn how to create an eAPIS account and file departure and arrival notices. An instructor will guide you through the process of clearing Customs in the Bahamas and the USA. The staff at North Star Flight Academy is very knowledgeable about Bahamas flying and can recommend sights to see like the swimming pigs, Thunderball Grotto, and shipwrecks. Restaurants to visit like the world famous Stuarts Conch Shack in Bimini. And places to stay over night such as the Hilton in Bimini and tried and trusted Air Bn’B’s. Call North Star Flight Academy today to schedule your Bahamas checkout. (954) 952-2025
This is a flight from a Bahamas checkout to Bimini.

Video credit sonikhanem