Get your single engine commercial rating in Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport

Getting your Commercial Pilot Certificate SEL in Ft. Lauderdale

So you would like to make flying a career and get your Commercial Pilot Rating for Single Engine Aircraft and/or Commercial Multi Engine Aircraft Rating?

You most likely already have your instrument rating and want to now become a commercial pilot.
North Star Fliight Academy at Ft. Lauderdale Executive Airport has complex aircraft in which to do your instrument rating.
For the single engine commercial rating here in Ft. Lauderdale you can fly the Piper Arrow and for the multi engine commercial rating you can fly our Cessna 310.

This Ft. Lauderdale Flight School at the Executive Airport also offers:

When looking to get your commercial rating in Ft. Lauderdale or for any other aviation needs, call North Star Flight Academy at (954) 952-2025 or fill out the form below.

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