Complex Aircraft Endorsement in Ft. Lauderdale

North Star Flight Academy is a Flight School located at the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport offering complex aircraft endorsements in their Piper PA-28-R.
With a constant speed propeller, retractable landing gear, and Garmin 430 WAAS this aircraft is a true pleasure fly.

If you are looking to get your Complex Aircraft Endorsement at the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport in sunny south Florida, we welcome you at the North Star Flight Academy where we have the perfect aircraft for you to get your complex endorsement.
We are a Flight School offering a broad range of pilot training ranging from the Private Pilot License all the way up to the ATP License (Airline Transport Pilot).
Complex Aircraft Rating at the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport, KFXE





Disclaimer: Because some of our clients require more flight and ground training due to lack of recent flight experience, we are unable to guarantee a total cost for the complex aircraft endorsement as this various from student to student.

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