Get your Instrument Rating in Ft. Lauderdale at KFXE

Pricing for your Instrument Rating here at our Flight School at Ft. Lauderdale Executive Airport is listed in the boxes towards the bottom of this page.

There is nothing worse than checking the weather before your flight, flying to your destination, only to find out that you cannot fly back because the conditions are not VFR. The weather may not be terrible, it just may not be ideal. With an IFR rating, you won’t be stuck waiting for the conditions to change.

IFR training will also help you to be a safer pilot. Pilots are trained to stay calm. When you are confident in your ability to fly without ground references, you are the most prepared you can be for whatever circumstances you may encounter.

So you are thinking about getting your instrument rating here at the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport, KFXE?

Our experienced Fort Lauderdale Flight Instructors will get you ready for your Instrument Rating with North Star Flight Academy located at KFXE.

Talk to one of our certified flight instructors here at our Fort Lauderdale Flight School on whether getting an instrument rating is right for you.

To obtain an instrument rating the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires the following prerequisites:

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Be able to speak, read and write in English.
  • Hold an FAA Private Pilot License.
  • Hold an FAA 3rd Class Medical.

We offer two choices to obtain your instrument rating here at our flight school in Fort Lauderdale:
You can get your Instrument Rating in a Cessna C172.

Instrument Rating in Fort Lauderdale

$6,975In Cessna C172
  • Instrument Rating in Cessna C172
  • Ground Instruction
    20 hours at $50
  • Flight with Instructor
    20 hours at $189
  • Simulator
    10 hours at $65
  • Total Hours: 55
  • Misc. cost are payable to the different vendors are:
    Written Test: $150
    Check Ride: $560
    Medical Exam: $120
  • All prices are subject to a fuel surcharge.

Disclaimer: Because some of our clients require more flight and ground training due to lack of recent flight experience, we are unable to guarantee the total cost for all clients.