​Instrument Proficiency Check in Ft. Lauderdale

​North Star Flight Academy located at the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport is proud to offer Instrument Proficiency Checks to instrument rated pilots who have let their instrument rating lapse. ​IPC Instrument Proficiency Check at the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport

The Federal Aviation Administration requires​ pilots to log within the last 6 months:

  • Six instrument approaches.
  • Holding procedures and tasks.
  • Intercepting and tracking courses through the use of navigational electronic systems.

There is a six month grace period, within which you have an additional six months to meet currency requirements. During this six-month grace period, you may not act as PIC on an IFR flight until you have completed the above listed tasks. Currency may be regained by simulating instrument conditions with a view-limiting device, such as “foggles”, in VFR conditions as long as a safety pilot holds at minimum a private pilot’s certificate and is at the co-pilot controls of the aircraft to watch for other air traffic. If you fail to meet the currency requirements within the additional six months, you must pass an instrument proficiency check given by a certified instrument flight instructor.


Disclaimer: Because some of our clients require more flight and ground training due to lack of recent flight experience, we are unable to guarantee the total cost for all clients. Circumstances such as airport or airspace congestion can also increases the total time required to complete the flight review.